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The Benefits of Having a Tall Headboard on a Bed

People in the market for a new bed will buy the mattress and bed frame, but not consider what else they might need.

New sheets, pillows, and a comforter is a great start, but don’t forget to consider a headboard too. A headboard has many purposes and may just be that finishing touch you need to furnish your bedroom.

What Is a High Headboard Bed Frame?

A high headboard bed frame is much like a regular bed frame, but it’s much taller against the wall. It’s more noticeable and has many more benefits than your average headboard.

A tall headboard bed frame is made from various materials. In the past, metal was popular. Today, you can find padded headboards that are much safer, should you accidentally roll in the wrong direction and hit your head. You can also buy natural wood headboards.

There are plenty of colour options, such as grey, white, beige, cream, black, rose, and natural wood stain finishes.

What Is the Purpose of a Tall Headboard Bed Frame?

A tall headboard bed frame has a variety of functions. The first one is that it makes your bedroom appear to have been decorated by an interior designer.

It will look nicely decorated, and solves that problem of what to put above the bed. You can place some smaller pictures above your tall headboard beds too.

A high headboard also protects the wall from scrapes, scratches, and bumps, so you won’t have to worry about having to repaint the bedroom wall in a year’s time.

One other great purpose is that if you sit up and read in bed, or watch TV, you have the comfort of a high headboard bed frame, which will also protect you from hitting a body part against the wall.

How Do I Install a Headboard?

After you purchase tall headboard beds and they are delivered to your home, you can unpack them and read the instructions that are included. Most bed frames have spots in front where you can install your headboard, and secure it firmly with screws.

You may want to check to be certain that the bed frame is facing in the right direction against the wall. It’s also important to securely install your new tall headboard so that it doesn’t accidentally tip over.

Where Can I Buy Tall Headboards?

If you’re ready to shop for tall headboard beds, you can find everything you need here on our Bunk Beds with Stairs website. If you need the entire bed, you can shop for that here too.

We have separate categories for all types of bedroom furniture. There are several pages of options so you’ll be able to find the perfect type to match your bedroom’s decor.

Tall headboards are a great way to bring comfort and design to your new bedroom, or a bedroom that you’re redecorating and refurnishing.

Once you’ve ordered and it’s been delivered and installed in your bedroom then you’ll wonder how you ever did without!