Mid sleeper bunk beds

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Mid sleeper bunk beds are an easy way to incorporate more storage into your child’s bedroom. They are generally available in single sleeper options and instead of two bunks, have cupboards, drawers, shelving or simply play space underneath a 3’ single bed.

Some mid sleeper bunk beds have a single step or two, others are slightly higher. There is just about every variety of design possible, incorporating different types of storage. The units are available in a rainbow of colours.

Mid sleeper bunk beds with stairs may have shelving, drawers or a desk alongside the bed. They may also have shelves or drawers underneath. The option you choose for your child’s bedroom depends entirely on the available space and the required storage or use.

These items are incredibly versatile and, because many are the same width as a standard 3’ single bed, can be a good use of space in a smaller or shared room. If several beds are in the same room, each child will end up with their own space, which may well help prevent arguments between siblings about shared storage.

The photos on our website show just how practical and functional these pieces of furniture can be, with full use made of all the shelving, hanging and drawer space in every possible combination.

In addition, we have a range of L shaped mid sleeper bunk beds for sale. These have a desk set at right angles to the bed and also feature drawers and shelves in the same unit. That would make good use of a corner location in a shared room, and allow your child to have somewhere to do their homework as well as store items.

Mid sleeper bunk beds with stairs, like high sleeper beds, can make going to bed an adventure for children. There are no monsters hiding under these beds, for sure, just storage or play space.

They can climb the stairs to their own private kingdom, pretend to be boarding a ship, or be preparing to settle into an aircraft to fly away on an imaginary journey.

This type of bed is also known as a cabin bed, because similar space saving designs are often found on board ships. The multipurpose design offers space and storage for toys, earphones, a laptop, books, ornaments, photos, clothes or gaming consoles as well as the bed. The typical size of the bed is 75 inches long and 30 inches wide.

Mid sleeper bunk beds can be a fun experience for a child, giving them a space all their own where they can have all their favourite things close by. The rivalry between siblings about who gets the top bunk is also likely to be a thing of the past, as they will all effectively have the top bunk.


This design is available in so many variations and colours that you will be sure to find one which works for you and your child’s needs. Why not check out the range today to see what you can find?