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Broswe our large range of bunk beds with stairs and with trundle and storage areas. Stylish & practical designs that your child will love.

Our beds storage bunk beds are perfect for sleepovers, shared rooms and are ideal space savers.

How to Fit Beds for 3-4 Children Into Their Bedroom

Whether you’ve planned on a big family or you had surprise twins, you’re going to need to figure out some good beds for them once they’re past the toddler years.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to fit four single mattress beds onto the floor. While you may be aware you can buy a high sleeper with storage steps, did you know that you can buy two sets of bunk beds to accommodate your family’s needs? You’ll want to measure the bedroom to see if you can fit in two sets of bunk beds.

Various Bunk Bed Options

If your family is stopping at three, then you may wonder how to handle two sets of bunk beds. The good news is that bunk beds don’t have to have two sets of mattresses.

You can buy bunk beds with storage and stairs. A bed can be on the top, and below can be storage space, a couch, shelves, or a play area.

If you have three children, you can also buy a bunk bed with trundle and storage if you really have no room for two sets of bunk beds with space underneath. This is built with your usual bed on top and bed on bottom, and then a trundle bed beneath.

What’s a Bunk Bed with Trundle and Storage?

A trundle bed is on rollers or wheels. The bed is kept beneath the bunk bed on the bottom. When it’s not in use, it slides under the other bed. When it’s bedtime, you simply pull it out.

You can also buy bunk beds that offer storage underneath the second bed that also pulls out, or to the sides that’s fixed in place. This is attached to the structure of the bunk bed and may actually be a better option than having a separate shelf that could be pulled down by curious hands.

Instead, your shelves and storage are securely attached to the structure, keeping your family safer.

Do the Bunk Beds Come with Mattresses?

Most do, but it’s important to read a bunk bed listing to fully understand what is included and what isn’t. In some instances you can choose the type of mattress you want, while others have a specific mattress included.

Where Can I Find a High Sleeper with Storage Steps And Drawers Underneath?

If you’re ready to shop for bunk beds with storage and stairs to better utilise your children’s bedroom space then please visit our Bunk Beds with Stairs website. Here we have plenty of listings for bunk beds with storage so that you can find the best bunkbeds for you and your family.

Bunk beds with storage underneath are the ideal way to give children sharing a room their own space. They’re also a great way to make the most of any available space.

As you get older, you might prefer a standard divan bed with storage drawers underneath, but for children, the thrill of climbing into a loft bed, or perhaps winning the sibling battle for the top bunk of two, is always a big victory.

As the nightly referee in such battles, you might prefer to seek an alternative solution to enforcing a rota for who sleeps where.

Bunk beds with storage underneath are a viable option whether you choose a standard two bunk bed with drawers in the base or a loft bed with a desk or cupboard underneath. In most cases, bunk beds with storage underneath will be made by companies such as ours and assembled by the new owner.

A bunk bed with drawers underneath can be similar to a divan. The storage can either be integral to one or both bunks, or form part of a desk area with the loft bed above accessible by a ladder or stairs. There is even the option of a triple sleeper bunk bed with stairs with a double bed on the bottom and a single bed, accessible by stairs or a ladder over the top.

Many standard bunk beds have large drawers in the base of the unit, both for stability and for storage. If you choose a bunk bed with space underneath, you could use it to store things such as suitcases or bulky clothes in vacuum packs.

Alternatively, you could choose a cabin bed which has desk space and storage. Some have shelves or cubbies so all your child’s essential items can be stored together, saving space and giving them somewhere which is uniquely theirs.

Choosing a bunk bed with space underneath couldn’t be simpler. They are available in many different designs and colours, usually with single, two or three sleeper options. These days bunk beds are so much more than the wooden or metal framed basic designs many will remember from school or hostel stays.

They are both functional and stylish pieces of furniture, which enable families to make the most of available space. You can choose a shape to suit your family dynamic – double bed on the bottom, single bed on the top, staggered single bunks, L-shaped double or triple bunks for the corner of a room.

There are even a few double over double bunks which have storage underneath and in the stairs.

Bunk beds are versatile. Whether your family is multigenerational and all living together under one roof, or whether you’re one of many siblings who all like to visit each other, you will be able to give everyone somewhere to sleep using bunk beds.

Given that bunk beds these days are suitable for both adults and children, you can do away with having people sleeping on the floor. They can still bring their sleeping bags to save you having to wash all the bedding after their visit, but they will have a proper bed to sleep in and will therefore get much better rest.

Finding bunk beds with storage and stairs doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it simple for you here on our website.

Do you need a Bunk bed with space underneath?

Bunk beds are a versatile furniture choice for children or adults. They sleep two or three (and occasionally four) people and many have storage solutions built into the designs.

Some have a rollaway trundle bed stored under the bottom bunk; alternative designs have drawers built into the stairs, a divan style big drawer under the bottom bunk, wardrobes, desk space, cupboards or shelves.

A bunk bed with under storage is a compact design that makes the most of limited space or a small room. Tidying things up is easy with a bunk bed with space underneath, while a trundle bed takes care of where visiting children can sleep.

There are a variety of bunk bed designs here on Bunk Beds With Stairs. Whatever your storage and sleeping requirements, we have a set up to suit. If your children have a relative or friend who visits regularly, bunk beds with bed underneath will allow all of the kids to sleep together in the same room. Just be prepared for excitement, gaming, snack food crumbs everywhere, shrieks of laughter and epic level fun.

Alternatively, you could choose a single over double bunk bed with underbed drawers for your children’s bedroom. This means two children can share the bottom bunk while another climbs the angled stairs to sleep in the single top bunk. This design is ideal for sleepovers and growing families.

A set of bunk beds with bed underneath is also useful for families who love to visit each other regularly. Even if you may only have one child, if nieces, nephews or cousins often come over,, then a multi-sleeper bunk is guaranteed to be popular. Grandparents might like to have bunk beds with space underneath for when you visit too.

To children who don’t usually have a bunk bed, nothing says ‘holiday’ quite as much as a bunk. For many children, bunk beds are associated with camping, caravans, maybe school field trips. Something different, something exciting.

The best thing about a bunk bed with space underneath is that there are so many options to choose from. Regardless of the type of storage you need, there is bound to be a unit to suit. They come in many different colours too, so you are sure to find one which goes with the room decor.

For two girls, you could pick a pink castle; for two boys, a pirate ship in seas of blue. One range, with drawers in the base of a standard single over single bunk bed design, has an eye-popping choice of 24 colors.

A pair of bunk beds with bed underneath is a great way to accommodate extra young friends or family members who may show up at short notice, or need to stay regularly. Using a bunk bed unit means they have their own space to store things and their own place to sleep.

For many children, having their own space is very important, and a bunk bed is one way to achieve this. Sitting on their bed they can dream, play, wish and hope, knowing that their possessions are within reach.

Whichever option you choose, bunk beds are likely to be popular. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Soon you’ll have the perfect bunk bed with trundle and storage or whatever configuration you wish. Your children will be sleeping comfortably but still have plenty of space for study or for play.

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