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How to Have A Sleeping & Play Space for Your Child

Here at our playhouse loft beds are becoming a real favourite with both parents and kids.

Let them have fun in a safe place and when the get tired they don’t have far to go to go to sleep!
Put a smile on your child’s face today with our Playhouse bunk beds.

Why Your Kids Will Love Combination Playhouse & Bunkbeds

If your children’s bedroom is getting a bit too crowded, bunk beds may be the best solution. Not only are these beds stackable to create more room for a desk, shelves, and other items, but you can also purchase a playhouse loft bed with stairs that serves a dual purpose.

Your children will not only have a place to sleep but also a space where they can play and have fun during the day.

What Is a Playhouse Bunk Bed?

Playhouse bunk beds are the same as your stacking bunk beds, whether one bed is on top of the other, or the beds are installed in an “L” shape in the bedroom.

The difference is that space is allocated for playtime also. This can involve space around the bunk beds for storage or shelving that will hold toys or even a desk. Some bunk beds can be arranged for sitting beneath one of the beds.

Basically, a playhouse loft bed will give you plenty of space for your children to play, rather than trying to fit two beds into a room where there is no space at all for your children to play.

What Kinds of Playhouse Bunk Beds Can I Buy?

There are many different setups you can buy when you’re searching for a playhouse loft bed. If you only have one child, you can buy a bunk bed for them with the bed on top and a space beneath for a desk or couch. If you have two children, stacked bunk beds will work well.

You can also buy bunk bed sets that have storage beneath the bottom bed, or a set of shelves or cabinets that are actually attached to the entire structure, making it safer.

How Do I Choose New Bunk Beds?

First, measure your children’t bedroom. If you are keeping any of their old furniture, measure that too. Consider if you’re keeping their desks, chair, cabinets, chests, and shelving.

Then search through the listings on our website. When you see a bunk bed that captures your eye, carefully check the measurements. Then pull out your measuring tape again and re-measure the bedroom to see if your new playhouse bunk beds will fit.

Where Can I Buy a Playhouse Loft Bed?

You may be puzzled where you can buy playhouse bunk beds. The simplest way to shop is here on our Bunk Beds with Stairs website. You can search through our specific bunk beds product category for playhouse loft beds.

Children’s bedrooms are much smaller than the master bedroom of the house but your children still need space to sleep, store their clothing and toys, and also to play.

How do you utilise every inch of space in a small bedroom, particularly when you have two children sharing that space, or just one child with a really tiny room? Not only do you need bunk storage beds, but also to find play house bunk beds for sale too.

Shop for Bunk Beds with Stairs and Playhouse

You can find bunk beds with stairs and playhouse online. There is one configuration where the child sleeps on the top bunk bed, and the section below can be used as a playhouse for younger children.

When the child reaches their teenaged years, they toys can be removed, and a desk, chair, and shelving unit can be placed at the base. If you decide to have a second child, another bed can be placed beneath, making them a bunk beds set.

How to Turn a Bunk Bed Into a Playhouse

Whether you have one child who sleeps on the top bunk, with plenty of space below, or two children who need bunk beds with stairs and playhouse, the lower bunk bed can be used as a playhouse during the day.  You can place any number of toys on the bed or floor.

You can also cover the lower bunk or the empty space if it’s only a raised bunk, with a blanket, or with a plastic tent for that purpose. This makes it much funner for your children and their friends to play.

Where to Shop for Play House Bunk Beds for Sale?

You may find the odd bunk bed or two locally, but you really need bunk beds with stairs and playhouses that have more options. Bunk beds should fit the interior design theme of your children’s bedroom, be safe and secure (including the stairs), and have plenty of room for your child to sleep and to play. They should be a standard size so that they fit the mattresses on the market. You can find everything you need here on our Bunk Beds with Stairs website.

When You Need Affordable Bunk Beds

Not everyone can afford the latest Italian designer furniture. You want an affordable price, but you also want bunk beds that will last for several years, that are made well, and are sturdy and safe for your children to use.

That’s our main focus here on our Bunk Beds with Stairs Website.

Having the option for your children to sleep, live, and play near their bunk beds will help to utilise all the valuable space in your home. Children don’t care how big your house or flat is.

All they’ll remember when they are adults is how you bought them a fun set of bunk beds, and how you encouraged them to set up a playhouse for them to have fun!

Shopping is simple, and will lead you to various current listings on different UK websites. These companies are manufacturers of bunk beds in the UK, so you won’t have to worry about expensive overseas shipping of furniture.

If you’re ready to redecorate your children’s bedroom then they’ll be excited to hear how you’ve considered their needs with a new set of playhouse bunk beds.

Please start shopping now so that their new bunk beds will be here before school starts again.