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What Are the Benefits of L-Shaped Bunk Beds with Stairs?

Bunk beds for adults or children have many benefits, but did you know that today’s beds are available in different structures? The l shaped triple bunk beds offer many practical solutions for utilising the space in a bedroom.

If you thought you didn’t have enough space for two beds for children, or for a bunk bed and desk, then please keep reading.

What Kinds of Bunk Beds Are Available?

Bunk beds can be available as a single bunk bed on top with a desk below, two stacked bunk beds, or l shaped triple bunk beds. The triple bunk beds have three beds that are a modern version of bunk bed.

These have two beds on the floor that are “L-shaped” beside each other, with the one stacked bunk bed on top. They’re perfect for growing families, as often we can’t move or aren’t able to find a bigger home for all the children.

There is also the “L-shaped” bunk bed that has both beds up top, with one bunk bed on the bottom, and room for a desk.

Do I Need Stairs with My Bunk Bed?

At some point people are tempted to hop out of the top bunk bed and down onto the floor. But you want your kids to stay safe. It’s important for them to learn how to use the bunk bed stairs, and safer too. All l shaped triple bunk beds come with stairs and some with desks. These are sturdily attached to the bunk bed’s structure and are the same colour as the rest of the bunk beds.

What If I Need Storage too?

Many people want to have bunk beds in their rooms but they also need extra storage space, particularly if you have two or three children. But you can also buy l shaped bunk beds with storage or with desks too.

There are a few different options. Some have drawers underneath that slide out. Some have cabinets or bookshelves that are installed right against the bunk bed’s structure.

This has additional benefits as the furniture is secured and you won’t have to worry that the storage will tip over if the kids have too much fun playing.

L-shaped double bunk beds are an unusual way to let two children share the same room. Their shape means they fit well into a corner, and allows each child to have a different view of the room. So if you have one child who likes to see the door, and another who prefers to look out of the window, an L-shaped bunk is a great compromise.

A setup like this also allows a single child to decide which bed they will sleep in each night, as well as being versatile enough to accommodate a sibling or close friend who is a regular visitor. These designs can also incorporate significant storage options, such as a wardrobe and drawers set into the stairs, or a desk area with enough space for a computer.

Triple L-shaped bunk beds are also available, with bottom and top bunks facing the same way, while the middle bunk is at right angles. These all have shelves and drawers built in to maximize storage. They are the same height as standard triple-decker bunks, but the entire construction is much bigger, as it extends in two directions rather than just one.

Close-knit families with a couple of generations who spend time together regularly are likely to appreciate this design for its versatility, while if you have a child who finds it difficult to settle, having a choice of sleeping location may help with restlessness. Triple L-shaped bunk beds are also practical for three siblings who are close in age, as it allows them to have their own room. If you’re a parent of twins and a single or triplets then this option may be the easiest way to go.

The space saving opportunity offered by L-shaped double bunk beds is useful in a smaller room or limited space.

Rather than two or three individual single beds in the middle of a room, the bunks can fit into a corner, and the additional storage offered is also likely to come in handy. A set of triple L-shaped bunk beds may be an option in a relative’s house, where children stay over often but not every night.

Some triple bunk beds have a third bed which pulls out from underneath the bottom bunk, while others are triple stacked all in the same direction. But why go for the standard when you can be different and have all your children sleeping in different directions, if they wish?

A single bed for each child is probably easier than some of the triple options available which have a double bed on the bottom and a single up top.

Some people may also have seen the family rooms in hotels which have a single bed fixed at right angles over the main double bed, but an L-shaped bunk is arguably superior to this as it gives each person their own space.

A cheap L-shaped bunk bed with storage can solve sleeping and storage issues in one neat design. Here at Bunk Beds With Stairs we have a selection of triple bunks of all kinds, including single over double, triple single bunks and L-shaped double or triple sleeper options. You’re bound to find something that works for your family.

Where Can I Find Triple Bunk Beds L Shaped?

You most likely don’t want to drive all over town trying to find out if stores sell bunk beds. Your next best solution is to shop online. Here on our L-Shape Bunk Beds page we have several listings for the types of l shaped triple bunk beds or l shaped bunk beds with storage UK location.

Here you can shop for bunk beds nationally, so that shipping won’t take too long to arrive at your home. And if you want cheap, you can also find cheap l shaped triple bunk beds too.

If you’re ready to expand the space in your home creatively, please visit our L-shaped bunk beds page today! Soon you’ll have your new bunk beds set up and have more room to walk around and enjoy your home.

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