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Where to Find Triple Bunk Beds for 3 Kids?

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My 3 Children Need Triple Bunk Beds But Where Do I Fit Them All?

If your three toddlers have outgrown their cribs then it’s time to buy them some new beds. But if they’re sharing only one bedroom then you may be puzzled as to how to fit three beds in there. The next best solution is to purchase a set of bunk beds for them.

But you may wonder how that will work as you’re familiar with stacking bunk beds. So, where does the third child go? The good news is that there is a solution for you!

Buy a Triple Bunk Bed With Storage And With Stairs Online

There are a few different bunk bed setups that you can buy for your three young children. The first is a triple bunk bed with stairs that looks like your standard double stacked bunk beds. However, there is also a third bed that pulls out from under the bottom bed when your children are ready to sleep. Then the next day, the third bed slides back under the other bed.

There is also the option for L shaped triple bunk beds. In this setup you have two stacked bunk beds, and then another bed on the floor that are all arranged in that “L” shape.

You’ll need to figure out what you’re going to do as this latter option will take up more space than the stacked one with the bed that pulls out. If you do choose this option then you’ll need to carefully measure the bedroom to be certain there is plenty of space for that hidden bed to pull out.

There is also a third option that involves a double mattress on the bottom and a single mattress on top. Again, this will take up more space. You’ll have to carefully consider the needs of your children and how much space you have for their new bed.

Do Triple Bunks Have Stairs & Storage?

Yes, they’ll still have stairs but they’ll have been built with safety in mind. Obviously you don’t want your child to land on the child below should they have to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night. The stairs are installed on a safe part of the structure that can easily be climbed down.

Where Can I Shop for a Triple Bunk Bed with Staircase?

You may be confused where to buy a traditional bunk bed, but a triple bunk bed with stairs may really puzzle you. The good news is that we’ve made it simple for you. We have L shaped triple bunk beds and other arrangements for you here on our website at Bunk Beds with Stairs, and on our Triple Bunk Beds page.

You’ll be presented with several listings with photographs so you can compare and view the prices on the latest listings.

Your family may be growing more quickly than your finances or your home, but you still need sleeping and storage space for your children.

If you have three young children, sharing the room together will give them company and make them feel secure at night.

But once they’re past the toddler stage, they need their own beds with comfortable mattresses. Just how do you fit three beds into one bedroom? Simple! You find a 4ft triple bunk bed, or triple bunk beds with stairs for sale.

What Triple Bunk Bed Configurations Are Available?

There are various configurations of triple bunk beds, depending on how much space you have in the children’s bedroom, and how much you need for their desks, chairs, shelving, and more.

There are triple stacked bunk beds where the beds are one on top of the other. You can also buy a set of double bunk beds where the lower bed is wider, so there is space for one child above and two below.

Another option is a standard set of bunk beds that are stacked one on top of the other, but that also have a lower bed that pulls out from the bottom, providing three spots for sleeping.

Do Triple Bunk Beds with Stairs for Sale Have Storage?

Storage is another important part of a children’s living space. Not all rooms in the UK have closets, so you’ll need to buy a wardrobe and shelving, or you can purchase it built into the bunk beds.

You can buy a triple bunk bed with storage space that will keep belongings tucked neatly away. Just like the triple bunk beds listed above, you can also find various types of storage solutions that have been built into the bunk beds.

One common option are drawers that pull out from beneath the lower bunk bed. These are usually two or three drawers that can fit clothing or bedding. Some bunk beds with storage may have an attached wardrobe or shelving unit to the left or the right of the set.

With this cleverly utilised space, there will be plenty of room to also add a desk, bed, drawers, and more in the room.

What If I Can’t Find 4ft Triple Bunk Beds Locally?

If you’re thinking how a 4ft triple bunk bed will be perfect for your kids, and they’re ready for larger beds to sleep in, then you may have begun your search.

But it may be hard trying to find a furniture shop locally that sells bunk beds, and especially triple bunk beds, or bunk beds with storage. You can find all the furniture you need for your home here on our Bunk Beds with Stairs website.

We list only current listings to reputable online stores that sell bunk beds and other furniture for the bedroom. Listings are current and prices are always up-to-date.

It’s time to clean out your children’s room, paint the walls, and prepare for the arrival of their triple bunk beds with stairs and storage! Your kids will be excited for their new bedroom furniture!

If you’re ready to shop for triple bunk bed with stairs, or L shaped triple bunk beds, then please browse our Triple Bunk Bed sleepers page today to find the perfect furniture for your young children.

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