3FT Loft Cabin Bunk Bed Mid Wooden Adults Kids Single Sleeper Ladder Dormitory



Item specifics



Type: Cabin Bed
Theme: Solid Brand: designer-furnitureuk
MPN: Does Not Apply Colour: Natural Wood
Width: 970mm; Material: Pine, Solid Wood, MDF/Chipboard – Wood Effect
Length: 1980mm; Compatible Mattress Size: 3FT Single
Height: 1720mm; Features: Flat Pack, With Slats, With Stairs, With Tent
Height from under bed to floor: 1365mm Department: For Boys & Girls
Inner size: 1900 X 900mm EAN: Does not apply

3FT Loft Cabin Bunk Bed Mid Wooden Adults Kids Single Sleeper Ladder Dormitory


Turn Your Office Into a Spare Bedroom With Adult Loft Beds

If you’re like most renters or homeowners, there just isn’t enough space in most flats and houses in the UK.

Every single room in a home has a purpose. So, what happens when your teenager declares they need their own room, or you have guests who want to visit but local hotel fees are too high?

Your best solution is to revamp your spare room into a multi-purpose space with adult loft beds UK.

Are There Bunk Beds for Teens or Adults?

Yes, these beds are similar to children’s bunk beds but are wider and longer, to fit older teens or adults.

They may also be called an adults cabin bed. This type of bunk bed takes up less space than your average mattress and frame. There are many benefits. You can use your spare room as an office during the day as there will still be plenty of room to set up a desk and chair.

The adult mid sleeper has the bed at the top, and beneath can be placed a couch. Your spare room could even be a family room. You may even think up other uses for an adult’s cabin bed, such as turning a recreation room or basement into a guest room.

What Features Are Available in an Adult Mid Sleeper?

A bunk bed for adults is similar to a children’s bunk bed. It has the bed at the top of the frame, with space beneath for a desk or chair or TV stand. You could even have two bunk beds if you wish.

There is a wide sturdy ladder for someone to easily climb up to the top. You can decorate the space between the bottom of the upper bunk and top of your desk or couch with some wall art.

There will still be plenty of space to surround your adult’s cabin bed with shelves and other small furniture.

Where Can I Buy Adult Loft Beds UK?

You can’t simply visit a local store to find bunk beds. They are sold by retailers who specialize in selling furniture, such as adults cabin beds.

You also don’t want to be driving all over town to find bunk beds. Instead, shop online where you can read the descriptions and measurements to determine if an adult bunk bed is right for your home.

You can browse as much as you want without having to worry about a pushy salesperson bothering you when you’re trying to think. You can find adult bunk beds here on our Bunk Beds with Stairs UK website.

There are hundreds of listings for bunk beds so you can browse through the listings to find exactly what you want.

If you’re ready to turn your spare room into a multi-person guest room, TV room, or office, shop on our Bunk Beds with Stairs website to find the perfect bunk bed to suit your guest room, teenager’s room, or to simple add an extra bed to your children’s room.

Most people in the UK can’t afford the big mansion that they desire, so they must learn to adapt and make their current living space fit their needs. At times it can seem overwhelming.

Where do you make room for a home office, sitting room, or an extra bed? The solution is in the vertical space above. Instead of trying to fit a wide range of furniture across the floor, one of the items of furniture can be cabin bunk beds for adults.

How to Fit an Adult Bed + Sofa in Bedroom?

There are many different configurations you can have in an adult’s bedroom. You can choose adult cabin beds where the sleeping area is on the top of the bunk, and the space below is for other furniture.

If you would like a sofa in the bedroom, there is plenty of space beneath to add one. This is perfect if you have a family member who enjoys watching TV at night in their room, or if you rent out your room to a house guest or student.

The cabin bunk beds for adults will still leave plenty of space in the room for a dresser, shelf, table, chair, or whatever else you need.

Can I Swap Out a Sofa for a Desk?

When you’re searching for a cabin bunk bed for sale you’ll discover there are many different options. You can have two beds stacked, one on top of the other.

Or, if the bedroom is only for one person, you can have the bed at top, and place a desk beneath. This is a great option if you have an older teenager who needs more space for a chair and desk to do their course work.

If you need the room for another guest, you can buy a sofa bed to fit beneath the bunk bed. There are even bunk beds that have shelving on one side or the other, or even a cabinet where clothing can be stored.

Where Can I Buy Adult Bunk Beds UK?

You may see the occasional bunk bed for sale in a local store, but you can shop online for adult cabin beds.

We have the one loft cabin bunk bed for adults on our featured page, but if this isn’t quite right for your room, you can shop for one of the many other types of adult bunk beds too.

These types of bunk beds are so versatile, so you’ll want to also think about shopping for lighting and furniture too.

You can easily shop for the cabin bunk beds for adults right now. The beds on our website ship directly to the UK, or some companies may be in the UK and ship quickly to you.

While you wait for your order you’ll need to ask someone to come and help you to get your bunk beds set up. Once the box arrives, you’ll need to remove the bunk bed pieces from the packaging and get it installed and set up in your spare room. Soon you’ll be utilising every inch of space in your home!

You’ll soon discover how that unused vertical space in your home can be so useful that you won’t need to buy a bigger home!