High Sleeper With Ladder Loft Bunk Bed Frame White/Pine Wood Sleeping Bed HOEM



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MPN: Does Not Apply
Gender: For Boys & Girls Brand: Home-basic
Style: Contemporary Type: Cabin Bed
Width: 970mm; Features: Flat Pack, With Slats, With Stairs, With Tent
Length: 1980mm; Material: Pine, Solid Wood, MDF/Chipboard – Wood Effect
Height: 1720mm; Size: 3FT Single
Height from under bed to floor: 1365mm Theme: solid
Inner size: 1900 X 900mm

High Sleeper With Ladder Loft Bunk Bed Frame White/Pine Wood Sleeping Bed HOEM

Is a Wooden High Sleeper Bed Safe?

Have you ever thought about investing in a wooden high sleeper bed? In many cases, finding your dream bed can seem like a challenge, but this really shouldn’t have to be the case. Fortunately, our friendly team is on hand today to help you learn a little more about whether a wooden high sleeper bed is safe to use – and what this could mean for your night’s sleep, too.

Is a Wooden High Sleeper Bed Safe?

It’s not surprising that many people struggle to decide whether a wooden high sleeper bed is a safe investment. However, if you have been looking for a breathtaking bed design, a wooden high sleeper could be a valuable option. But are they genuinely safe to use for everyone – be it for adults or children?

Potential Risks of High Sleeper Beds

There are several potential risks of wooden high sleeper beds, which you should always consider before investing.

Fall Hazard

Of course, the most obvious risk here is also the simplest: wooden high sleeper beds are elevated, which can present a fall hazard. This won’t be an issue for most children, teenagers, and even adults. However, very young children or people who are not responsible enough to be careful with heights should not use a high sleeper bed.

Hitting Your Head

Another potential issue comes in the fact that your wooden high sleeper bed will often be – as the name suggests – very tall. In most houses, this increases the risk of hitting your head while getting in or out of bed. Naturally, this could cause an injury potentially.

Weight Capacity

Finally, there’s also the slight risk of your new wooden high sleeper bed breaking under pressure. If you choose a bed with the wrong capacity, there is a slight possibility of the bed breaking, which could be a major issue. Fortunately, though, most wooden beds are more than strong enough to handle the majority of people. If you’re buying for a very tall child or an adult, be sure to check the weight capacity thoroughly (just to be sure!)

This is especially prevalent when you buy a cheap wooden high sleeper, which may not always use the same high-quality timber. Don’t take the risk – always check you’re getting a bargain price rather than paying for a poor-quality bunk.

Where to Buy White High Sleeper Beds Online?

If you’re looking for cheap wooden high sleeper beds online, start with a professional, reputable team known for selling high-quality products. Since not every bed is necessarily created equal,

Generally speaking, wooden high sleeper beds are incredibly safe, which could make them a good addition to your own property. What’s more, these awesome beds are not only incredibly safe but also very comfortable and look amazing – making them excellent options to consider.

If you’d like to learn more about buying your own wooden high sleeper bed, contact our experts today. We’re here to help you find the perfect bed design for your needs, no matter what that might look like.