Moon 4ft 6 Double Solid Pine Bunk Bed with End Ladder (EB76)



Item specifics



Brand: Strictly Beds and Bunks Ltd
Item Length: 202cm Colour: Natural
Item Width: 98cm Compatible Mattress Size: 4 ft 6 in Double
Item Height: 123cm Material: Pine
Item Weight: 25-50 kg Type: Bunk Bed
Manufacturer Colour: Natural Assembly Required: Yes
Mattress Included: No EAN: Does not apply

Moon 4ft 6 Double Solid Pine Bunk Bed with End Ladder (EB76)

When You Need Wider & Longer Bunk Beds

If you think bunk beds are just for young children then you’ll be surprised to learn that they do have bunk beds in different sizes.

Bunk bunks can be purchased for your teenagers or adult guests. 4ft bunk beds are the best solution for when your children are getting older, or you want to invite guests to stay at your home.

What If I Need Bunk Beds for Teens or Adults?

It is possible to buy 4ft bunk beds for teens or adults. You just have to ensure that the bed frames are wide enough and long enough to fit adults. Another concern may be weight.

The solid pine bunk beds will fit most adults but not everyone. It’s also not recommended for more than one person per bed. Another great feature is that there is the double pine bed with storage too.

This storage can be a shelf to the left or the right. Besides the bunk beds we are spotlighting today, you can also buy bunk beds with storage to the lower front of the bed, or even beneath the bed as a set of drawers.

What Are the Dimensions for the 4Ft Bunk Beds?

These larger beds measure four feet in width, and six feet in length, and are stacked like your usual bunk beds.

They do have a storage shelf that fits to the right or left of the bunk beds, depending on the layout of your spare room. These are also quality solid pine bunk beds so you can be assured that they are strong and sturdy to hold an adult.

Obviously, they won’t fit everyone, so you may have to find a hotel room for some guests. There is a ladder that leads to the top bunk bed which is also made from solid pine and is quite sturdy.

Where Is the Ladder on Bigger Bunk Beds?

The ladder on traditional bunk beds is usually on the front to the left or right. On bigger bunk beds, it is on the end. This makes more sense, as you’re less likely to disturb a sleeping partner.

Where Can I Shop for 4ft Bunk Beds?

You can shop for 4ft bunk beds here on our Bunk Beds with Stairs UK website. We offer listings to online bunk beds businesses that deliver to the UK.

We take a lot of the work out of it so all you have to do is browse our current listings to find exactly what you need, instead of spending hours driving around town and wasting fuel (especially at today’s prices!)

If you’re ready to create some space in your spare room for guests or your older children, the 4ft by 6ft bunk beds are the best solution.

You can shop on our website now, or when you’re ready to redecorate your spare room.

You can also find other types of bunk beds too, should you need them for your younger children, or simply for guests when they visit during the holidays.

Larger 4ft Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are available in more than smaller children’s sizes. The traditional bunk beds are too small for older children or adults.

It is possible to buy solid pine bunk beds that are not only high in quality, but are also larger to accommodate older children or adult guests. There are many reasons to buy larger bunk beds.

You can purchase bunk beds that your children can use through their teen years. You can easily replace the mattress with a more supportive one as they grow bigger.

The larger 4ft bunk beds are also suitable for use in a guest room. Instead of buying two different sizes of bunk beds, all you have to do is buy the larger solid pine bunk beds.

Best Children’s Age for Bunk Beds?

Children that are four years old or older can sleep on the bottom bunk, but before children sleep on the top bunk they should be at least six years old, according to most children’s organizations. If you have two children, the older one sleeps on top.

Not only is this for their safety as they climb up that bunk bed ladder, but also to remain safe and secure while they sleep.

Why Are Solid Pine Bunk Beds Best?

If you’ve decided to shop for a set of bunk beds for your second bedroom then you may have noticed how they are made from different materials. If you’re shopping for 4ft bunk beds then you want to be assured that stacked bunk beds are going to be safe.

Bunk beds made from solid pine will be more durable and will not bend or break like cheaper materials will. Furniture made from solid wood may cost more, but it’s worth it, especially for the safety of your family.

Where Can I Shop for Bunk Beds with Storage?

Bunk beds will take up less room in the bedroom but if they come with storage, that will be extra useful for when you have two children. You can shop for a double pine bed with storage here on our Bunk Beds with Stairs UK website.

These bunk beds are not only shipped from a warehouse in the UK directly to your home, but they’re also made in the UK too.

If you’re ready to buy the perfect set of bunk beds for your children, teens, or guests, please visit our Bunk Beds with Stairs UK website. You can buy bunk beds that have been made in the UK, and that are shipped quickly to your home.