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Are you interested in the best bunk beds on the market? Check out our massive range of bunk beds with stairs.

Welcome to Bunk Beds With Stairs

Mention ‘playhouse bunk beds’ to many children and their eyes light up.

The race for the top bunk is on! To others, they may perhaps bring back unwelcome memories – maybe school dormitories or barracks of various sorts.

However you think of bunk beds, the concept is alive and well and stocked right here on this site.

Bunk beds with a staircase are a great way to save space and make the most of smaller rooms.

Traditional adult bunk beds mean that siblings or adults can share a room easily, although there are many more variations available now than just the wooden or tubular metal designs many parents and grandparents remember from their childhood.

A high sleeper with stairs or staircase  or a L shaped bunk bed can make a small girl feel like a princess and let a young boy imagine he’s on the bridge of a ship.

The space under the bed can be used for storage or play. A friend’s daughter has a cave lit with star lights. Her dad painted the walls with a jungle design and the space is populated with her and her brother’s cuddly toys.

Her brother has opted for a neon painted gaming space where he has a desk and storage for all their games, consoles and remote controllers.

Triple bunk beds are even available these days. The bottom is a 4’6” double bed, the top a 3” single, accessible by a ladder.

Whatever style you want, to fit whatever space you have, there are bunk beds with a staircase to suit, available here with a few clicks. You could choose a cabin bed with storage underneath, so your child can have a desk or sofa in the space, or a set of bunk beds that looks like a house, with a roof shape over the top bunk.

Drape a sheet over that, and it’s a ready made cave, or a teddy bear’s home.

A high sleeper with stairs gives a child their own space, even in a shared room.

Choose the right design, and they can have their bed, shelving, desk, chair, wardrobe and a display unit all integrated. It is an effective use of space which encourages decluttering and personalisation of ‘their’ area. Space saving designs such as these can be fun and exciting for the child, while ensuring that everyone else doesn’t keep tripping over discarded toys and plush cuddly toys

There is a wide selection here and you’re bound to find just what you need.

Bunk beds with staircase storage have always been popular with people trying to save space.

Modern designs are particularly geared towards families and have expanded to include innovative flatpack arrangements which can be assembled in a variety of ways to suit the available space – or the child’s preference.

Some bunk beds with staircase storage these days even come with a slide, combining sleep, play and activity in one piece of furniture. Of course, the traditional simple pine or steel bunks are still available, but why not encourage children to look forward to going to bed instead of fearing the dark and being alone?

One of the easiest ways to make the most of the space in your home is to have a cabin bed with stairs for your child. Underneath the high sleeper, there could be a desk, drawers or other storage. The youngster gets to imagine all sorts of things as they fall asleep high in the air, while the extra storage space created by having the bed off the floor is never a bad thing.

If your children share a room, from necessity or preference, then giving each of them a cheap high sleeper with stairs allows them to have a place to call their own. They can scramble up to the cabin bed and gain some distance from the rest of the family. It becomes their own space, which no one can enter without their permission.

Buy a cabin bed with a staircase for each of your children and bedtimes may well become easier to manage. They could even find themselves looking forward to going to bed, climbing the stairs happily ready to lose themselves in whatever dream world they are conjuring up in their minds as they sleep.

Even if you only have one child, they could still enjoy a cabin bed with stairs. There are many children’s stories where bunk beds are mentioned, and having one of their own may make a story more realistic for them.

Some cabin beds are designed to have a blanket, sheet or other covering draped over a frame attached to the ends of the bed. This would be an ideal way to allow a child privacy, especially in a room shared with adults or older children. Some are richly decorated with colourful scenes to make going to bed a fun experience.

High sleeper beds are very stable, as all the storage is built into the frame. Depending on the design, there may even be a chance to extend the storage beyond the immediate area of the bed, in order to make a piece of fully integrated furniture. The extra storage could be shelves, a cupboard or more drawers.

That works well with adult bed headboards, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try a similar arrangement with your child’s bed too.

If they are often away at school or camp, where they are sleeping in a dormitory or other shared room, then they may prefer a bunk bed or cabin bed at home too. Familiarity is likely to make the change between the two locations easier to adjust to.

No matter which design you and your child choose for their cabin bed with stairs, it will serve many purposes over the course of its life.

It will be so much more than a bed. It could be a castle, a ship’s bridge, a desert island, a cave or a superhero’s hangout. It is likely to be a sanctuary, a safe space to escape the world, a place to lie and read or play computer games.

Buy a cabin bed with staircase and the only limit is their imagination.

It’s estimated that the average human spends 26 years of their life asleep, so we might as well be in a comfortable and friendly place while we nap.

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